[Swatches] Femme Fatale–Neon demon*

Montag, April 03, 2017

Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Lackkollektion von Femme Fatale*. Dieses Mal ist sie inspiriert von dem Film Neon Demon. Insgesamt gibt es sieben Lacke. Wie auch die letzten Mal werde ich euch die englische Farbbeschreibung von Femme Fatale zu den Lacken schreiben. So bekommt ihr einen besseren Überblick welcher Glitzer/Partikel sich in dem Lack befinden, da meine Beschreibungen wohl nicht der Hit wären.

Alle Swatches sind zwei Schichten ohne Top Coat. Daher sehen die Glitzerlacke teilweise uneben aus, dies kann natürlich mit Top Coat ausgeglichen werden.




Kinbaku is a sheer grey wash with a red luminescent sheen, blue holographic microglitters and blue shifting chrome flakes. This colour will have VNL and is designed to be layered several times for a squishy, glittering  finish.

It’s Everything


It’s Everything is a sheer purple crelly base with a turquoise sheen, fuchsia holographic microglitters and chrome shifting flakes.

Grave in a Rose Garden


Grave in a Rose Garden is a sheer flake and microglitter topper, but with a violet luminescent sheen. This colour, like The Fallen Statue or Liquid Pearl, is designed to layer multiple times to achieve depth. The violet sheen will provide opacity on 2+ layers, so VNL should be minor at 3 coats (if at all). We do recommend you have at least 3 coats to achieve the ethereal and delicate depth created by the sheen, green>pink chrome flakes and holographic microglitters.

Falling Into Blue Death


Falling into Blue Death is a sheer glitter topper. This colour is not designed to have an opaque base, so you will have VNL unless you use the sponging technique. Falling into Blue Death has a sheer almost-crelly purple base with a turquoise sheen, silver and lavender holographic glitters and yellow-green iridescent glitters.

Kissing Reflections



Kissing Reflections is a bright fuchsia-pink crelly with turquoise overlay and scattered holographic particles. We recommend thin, even coats; and this should be opaque for you in 3 coats depending on your application technique. This colour contains fluorescent pink pigment which may fade slightly over time to a more coral tone. Our testing for 6+ months with this pigment has shown no perceptible difference, but we do know that fluorescent pigments are prone to change colour due to temperatures/sunlight etc. Please keep this in mind before purchase.

Get Her Out Of Me!



Get Her Out of Me! is a squishy bright blue crelly with a red overlay, scattered holographic particles, soft holographic flakes and red shifting iridescent glitters. We recommend very thin and even coats (due to the larger glitters), and this may have some VNL at three coats depending on your application. It can easily be layered over a matching base colour however :)

Defiled In Gold



Defiled in Gold is a warm golden linear holographic with brown undertones, and scattering of golden holographic microglitter. Due to this microglitter this colour will have a textured effect, (unlike typical linear holographics) so we highly recommend you apply this in thin, even coats and finish with a very glossy top coat for glass-like smoothness.

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  1. Die sehen alle richtig schön aus! Get Her Out Of Me! gefällt mir aber besonders gut.


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