[Nail Art] Gel Polish Gradient with Stamping

Montag, Juni 20, 2016

Since gel polish has some different qualities compared to normal polish, I wanted to give a gradient a chance.

You may have seen the Cali Dreamin’ Gel Polish Collection from Bundle Monster in my last post. These gels dry through UV or LED lights, so you have a lot of time to put them on your nails. And then you can cure them in approx. 1 minute, instead of waiting a long time for them to dry.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-19 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-22

For this gradient I put Escape Velocity and Lightweaver each on one half of my nail and cured them. Then I took a rectangular brush and loaded one half of the bristles with Esacpae Velocity and the other half with Lightweaver. When the brush had enough gel in it I started on the gradient, curing between each layer. It took me around three thin layers to get a nice gradient. I then stamped with the BM-S301 and white stamping polish the feather pattern. I topped it off, with one layer of gel top coat.


I really like how this gradient looks. But I still have to get used to the gel application. As you can see the skin around my nails looks a bit dry. This is because I sometimes had to remove some of the gel from the skin.

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