[Review] Bundle Monster Festival Stamping Plates


You may have seen some Bundle Monster stamping nails already on my Instagram account, but today I want to show you all ten plates and some more nail designs I used these for. So this will be a picture heavy post.

All of these plates are squares and usually contain six patterns.

BM-S301 – Dream Big

The first plate comes with three regular patterns and three in different sizes. There is a clear Dream Catcher theme visible. I have already stamped a design with this one, but will show you the result in a seperate post.


BM-S302 – Shiny Happy


Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-5_t Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-9_t

BM-S303 – 3 Day Desert Dweller


BM-S304 – Feel Alive


Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-13_ Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-14_


BM-S305 – Wanderlust

Bundle-Monster-Stamping-BM-S305_thum Bundle-Moster-Lotus-Mat-1_thumb1

BM-S306 – Constellation Weaver

You may have seen this design already over here with a YouTube Tutorial.

Bundle-Monster-Stamping-BM-S306_thum Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-32_

BM-S307 – Far Out Art


BM-S308 – Hippie Chic

This design is inspired by The Nailasaurus. I just love her simple stamping manicures. For this pattern it is beneficial to use a clear stamper.

Bundle-Monster-Stamping-BM-S308_thum Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-17_

BM-S309 – Spirit Animal


BM-S310 – Gypsy Soul

I chose the pattern in the top right corner. This design got way more christmas-y than intended. So it may not be the best for festival season, but for the festive season.

Bundle-Monster-Stamping-BM-S310_thum Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Festival-19_

And as a little extra I also chose one of the Fuzzy & Fericious plates with cats (yep, I may be a crazy cat lady). You can find this plate here.

Bundle-Monster-Stamping-BM-S162_thum Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Cats-1_thumb

One square plate is available for $2,49, a set of ten coasts $14,99. In my oponion this is a real bargain, as you get around 6 patterns per plate. Plus, I was really impressed with the quality, the patterns were really crisp and easy to use.


Connect with Bundle Monster:
Bundle Monster Website

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