[Swatches] Bundle Monster Gel Polishes

Sonntag, Juni 19, 2016

As you may have noticed I’m reviewing a few different Bundle Monster products at the moment. And when it comes to Bundle Monster you apparently can’t get around their line of gel polishes. So I was sent their set of Cali Dreamin’ Cream Gel Lacquers*.

The Cali Dreamin’ set consists of six polishes. Additionally you will need a gel base coat and a gel top coat, as well as an UV or LED light for curing. I also received the 3pc gel lacquer necessities set and the UV/LED gel curing travel flashlight.

This was the first time I ever used a gel product on my nails and I have to admit, that I was a bit scared. So I googled for some information beforehand. The essentials seemed to be to not get any of the product on your skin (and if you did to remove it qickly with acetone) and to only apply thin layers. Of course I initially did both of these things. It was quite the struggle to remove cured gel polish from my skin. And the thick layer got super hot on my finger while curing.

But let’s get to the swatches I did for the six colors.


Lightweaver (G101) is a stunning lilac purple at will warm your inner flower child

I used tweo coats, plus base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-2 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-1

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity (G102) was inspired by the brilliant turquoise blue skies of a warm Spring day cruising down the I-10 leaving LA to fresh, desert air

I used 2-3 coats depending on the nails, plus base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-5 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-7

Indigo Indio

Indigo Indio (G099) is a gorgeous dusty, navy lavender blue inspired by some of the art of the desert in Indio, California

Two coats had perfect opacity, plus base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-9 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-8

Papaya Whip

Papaya Whip (G100) is a soft orange befitting of the pueblo colored high desert mountains

2-3 coats needed, plus base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-11 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-12

Mojave Mixer

Mojave Mixer (G098) is a lime green inspired by lush green grass of the Mojave Performance Stage

After three coats you could still see parts of my nails but it was even, added base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-14 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-15

Acoustic Asana

Acoustic Asana (G097) is a salmon pink fitting of beautiful Cali sunsets

Two coats were enough for an opaque finish, plus base and top coat.

Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-18 Bundle-Monster-Gel-Polish-17

My favorite colors are Escape Velocity and Acoustic Asana. This mint and strawberry are just perfect for summer and festival season. Overall I think application was good for all of them (but I have no other product for comparison).

The colors are avialable at Bundle Monster for $6,50 each, or for $31,99 as a set

Connect with Bundle Monster:
Bundle Monster Website


  1. Lightweaver schaut ja wunderschön aus! :)

  2. wie haben die so bei dir gehalten ? :) und was für eine Lampe hattest du? Ich hab nämlich noch die LED Lampe von Essence :D wollte gerne mal 1-2 Gellacke für LED. Falls man mal ne Weile keine Zeit/Lust hat immer neu zu lackieren..


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